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AMVNX Founder Story
Co-founder Huong Dao

AMVNX was founded in 2009 by Mr. Eric Burling and Mrs. Huong Dao as a solution to help both Vietnamese students and U.S. schools in the recruitment and enrollment processes. It is their commitment to offer honest and transparent recruiting services that help students find their dream school, and to aid schools in enrolling talented, motivated youth. In the last 10 years, AMVNX has successfully placed more than 1,000 students at colleges and boarding schools across the U.S. We are a team of professional counselors, teachers, and mentors, all of different backgrounds, who are dedicated to providing personalized support for our students.

To prepare them for studying abroad in the U.S, we work with them while at home, but also when they arrive in the U.S. We offer a range of assistance for students, from helping them understand American culture, to English lessons, as well as exposing them to the cutting edge technology offered in the U.S. Additionally, we are always there for our students in case they need help once in the States.The support that we offer allows students to become fully immersed in the study abroad experience, and gives them a chance to explore themselves as they learn from some of the best teachers in the country. As Vietnam continues to emerge in the global economy, it is ensured that the next generation of Vietnamese students have bright opportunities for an education in the U.S.

The way AMVNX achieves this goal is by working directly with U.S. institutions and Vietnamese students, giving them opportunities to meet and interact, and catalyzing the exchange process with our suite of services and international recruiting events. AMVNX is poised for significant growth in the last 10 years. The number of Vietnamese exchange students heading to the U.S. has grown each year for more than a decade and provides opportunities-for students and schools-abound. As you look through our website you will find that AMVNX is a student-centered organization with the tools, connections and values to build a strong and long-lasting bridge between the U.S. and Vietnam. We are here to make educational ambitions into reality.

Our Team
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AMVNX is an educational consulting and placement services organization, founded by a team of former Vietnamese international students and American educational experts. AMVNX serves as a bridge between Vietnam and the United States for students and institutions. 

We help Vietnamese youth open their minds to the world and realize their potential, while providing U.S. schools a doorway to one of the Far East's most exciting and unique countries. We have been working with students and institutions in the education field for over 13 years to accomplish this goal.  

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