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To provide the most effective approach possible, AMVNX is combining a traditional method of in person communication with more modern and digital marketing tools.  Branding your institution will be easier than ever, through various recruitment fairs, in-office seminars, virtual events, and even promotions on social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.  

On top of this, the familial network is integral to marketing advantages that AMVNX offers.  Oftentimes families will refer their friends and relatives to our numerous programs. This communication spreads the word about our mission, and ensures popularity.  

To learn more about our marketing packages that might fit your organization's demand, please contact info@amvnx.com

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Translation & Printing
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Do you have a high-quality Vietnamese language version of your promotional materials?  If not, it’s something you should seriously consider.  Our great translation staff can help you!

Printing Solutions for International Student Recruitment in Vietnam 

Literature and other promotional materials are an important way to deliver your recruitment message to students and parents in Vietnam. However, the costs associated with shipping potentially thousands of copies overseas can be prohibitive. Having your literature printed in Vietnam offers tremendous savings in both printing and shipping expenses, lowering the costs associated with international recruitment.


To ensure that all printed materials are of the highest quality, please send us the original proof of all files and let us know which program (such as Adobe InDesign or CorelDRAW) was used to create and open it. Please note that costs associated with changes or corrections will be billed at cost plus 15%. Notification of cancellations must be received in writing prior to payment confirmation.

Printing in Vietnam

By printing your literature in Vietnam instead of printing it domestically and shipping it overseas, we can help your organization save 30% or more. We also provide proof of any ads produced by AMVNX for no additional cost.
Please contact us at info@amvnx.com for more information.

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