Don’t wait until the last minute to get great guidance.

Through 10 years of experience, the AMVNX team has built a strong reputation for developing its students into highly accomplished individuals who are prepared for the academic challenges that await in college.

It is the right choices early on in secondary/high school so that they are best prepared for the boarding/ college admissions process come.

We have been helping thousands of students craft compelling essays that stand out during the admissions process.

What we help with

We work with students to identify each student’s unique abilities, interests, personality, and talents to determine schools of best fit.

Free initial consultation

AMVNX offers a free, half-hour initial consultation with an education consultant. The consultation is available in-person at one of our office locations or online via Skype.

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"I studied at AMVNX for 2 years. During these 2 years I had the opportunity to meet a lot of friends and teachers whom with I still keep in touch. I feel lucky to study abroad in the US since high school, and I am very grateful to AMVNX for creating conditions for me to experience the life of American students and grow up to who I am today."

- Philip Bui